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Keeping Your Home and Business Safe

With the spread of COVID-19, many precautions have been taken put into place  Florida, enacting curfews, closing businesses, and encouraging people to stay home. With these precautions it’s more important than ever to keep homes and places of business as clean and germ-free as possible. To help slow the spread and keep you safe, we are offering air sanitization and disinfection services for residential and commercial buildings.

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Air Purification and Disinfection

There are several methods that we offer for cleaning your air circulation system. Our Machined Duct Cleaning service is a great place to start. Cleaning out your duct system will ensure that harmful build up, dust and mold is removed from your circulating air. We always recommend to start with a duct cleaning, first and foremost. The next option is installation of additional air purifier directly into the central air system.


Detox Your Air

The next option for clean air is installation of a top-of-the-line air purification system. We are a licensed HVAC contractor and distributor for Fresh-Aire UV, one of the leading global providers of ultraviolet disinfection systems. Fresh-Aire UV systems have been tested and proven to be effective against bacteria, viruses, mold & fungus. Since these systems install directly into the central air system, the air is purified and circulated throughout the whole home or business, so there is no need for individual room air purifiers.

This product is our preferred option for ensuring the most efficient and effective removal or air pollutants for your home or business. Contact Us to learn more about the options available. 

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