machined duct cleaning

Cleaner Air & Lower Utility Bills 

If you’ve never cleaned the ducts in your South Florida home or business, it could be costing you! Many pounds of dust and dirt in your vents not only significantly decreases the air quality in your home, it also makes your system work harder to push air through. Our certified technicians will mechanically service your ducts leaving them like new, and help you breath easier, literally and figuratively!

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How Machined Duct Cleaning Works

We perform a physical duct cleaning with a roto brush machine which vacuums and removes all debris and containment in your duct system. This is the only effective way to clean ducts. Some companies will use a suction duct cleaning method, but be aware, this is not effective at all. We will physically brush and vacuum the ducts in your home or business to ensure a thorough cleaning.

After the physical duct cleaning, we will fumigate the duct system. This process is not harmful to people or pets. The fumigation will neutralize any air borne contaminants that maybe left behind after a duct cleaning. This proven process will drastically improve the quality of your air.

You should schedule your duct cleaning when you start to see dirty vents. Rest assured your home will be properly protected during our cleaning process with tarps and liners.